This blog is an attempt to rhyme along in life!!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Right in your face

This time around i tried to rap it a little.....
U may think that i might have lost,
so u began to celebrate.....
U may think i did it once, i did it twice,
so all i'll do is hesitate......
So here i go, dis one's for you,
dis one will be right in your face.....
You feel now dat you left me alone,
but let me tell you it feels so great...
When i see how you treat your guy,
i feel i was so lucky, it's god's grace....
You may say it was meant to be,
but i guess it was just my lucky day....
It's been 2 years down the lane,
your memory has now faded away....
But yesterday i came to know,
he broke up with you and went away...
Now u come and say to me
"i'll stay with you come what may"....
But d ball is now in my court,
so u may leave now coz i aint gonna play....
Guess after all i didn't loose,
it's time for me to celebrate....
Its over now, i'm done with you,
dis one's for you, right in your face....

Friday, September 9, 2011

Words of First Sight

i uttered many words...words of first sight,
but somehow they got lost
and never came out right.
now i cant get to you,
there ain't no hope left, not even slight.....
but i know my words will travel along,
wont give up without a fight....
crossing all hurdles, swimming across the tides,
they wont stop till they reach your doorstep,
i hope you let them in,these words of first sight....

i uttered many words... these words of first sight
its now i realized, that i was wrong at that time,
perhaps this thought came, came to me a bit late,
but better late than never, guess i never had a point,
so how it happened to me, how i fell for you that night..
wonder why i said those words, those words of first sight...

now you'll ask for whom i wrote these words,
and I'll say its for 'someone',
guess you'll never understand that it was you all this while,
its you, you're d one for whom i am writing this rhyme,
i know you're reading this now, hope everything is alright,
wrote this all for you and named it words of first sight

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

baby something has gone wrong

my inspiration came from the song "what goes around, comes back around"...

there were days when i would miss you,
but now it's all gone,
something has gone wrong,
so, for you i wrote this song,
baby something has gone wrong.......

there were days when we would fight,
and sometimes it would be alright,
there would be times when it wont end,
and times when we would amend,
but, now all that time has gone,
so, for you i wrote this song,
baby something has gone wrong.......

there would be days when we would shine,
back when i could call u mine,
but now nothing seems to be fine,
we've both crossed the line,
its that time of the year,
when i can stop llvin' in fear,
i'm happy that you're gone
nd for u i wrote this song,
baby, something has gone wrong............

now 2 years down the lane,
you want everything to be the same.
I'm glad d realization came
now i have something to say,
dis time around i'll have it my own way.
can't give you anything else,
so i wrote this song,
baby something has gone wrong..........

Thursday, May 5, 2011

All of us must have fallen in love at some point in your lives
There i go, fell for her again,
knowing in my heart it would inflict only pain.
The eyes did it this time, or perhaps it was her smile,
but i now know, nothing would be same all the while,
Some stories reach their end, some never get concluded,
this one's the second kind, the one that left me secluded.
Caught her glimpse again and so started the game,
here i go now, i m falling for her again.......

And as always she left and i never told her about how i felt for that made me write again :P

I didn't see her leaving,
i didn't see the sign.

Feels incomplete now,
but i'm left with no time.

Should have altered the tide,
should have kept you by my side.

I cherish the memories you have left with me,
though i still wish you could have been mine.

Feels incomplete now, but i'm left with no time......


Sometimes i ask too many questions to myself and then try to answer them myself

Don't know how it started,
don't know how it will end
Where will i be, whats gonna be the trend,
anything from you i ain't gonna buy,
its that time of the year when i gotta say goodbye,
The thing we had has gone sour,
i can't deal with it anymore
My soul cries for some rest,
perhaps it happened for the best.........

We often get so busy in our lives that we forget about little things which life has to offer and then repent later for all those lost moments

Sometimes when i look back, i wonder how and why
what possibly went wrong, why the feeling just flew by,
Now life's running so fast,
got no time for the past,
But still sometimes i wonder why does this feeling last...why does this feeling last...


I wrote these lines when i saw someone whom i knew but was now an acquaintance

Been 3 days now since the story got repeated,
when my idea of forgettin' her got defeated....
She was walking by the road while i was heading back home,
she didn't look up once and was walkin' all alone...
She bought back memories which i didn't wanted to see,
the drops started to fall as nostalgia hit me...


Love is a very complex concept to understand
following is an attempt to put some meaning to it

Love is blind, love is kind,
that is what they say all time....
Love is this, love is that,
Love is something you gotta have....
Love is god, Love is Christ,
Love is what makes u feel alright...
But for me...
Love is a sign, love is a rhyme, a question, a puzzle not solved on time...
Out of sight, not in line, but will change d day she's mine...